Telling Stories of the Natural World.

Thanks for visiting. My name is Benjamin Schedler, but my friends just call me Ben. I'm a photographer based in northern California. The images on this website represent what I am most passionate about: documenting the natural world and telling the stories about how we interact with it. The style of my work is directly related to how I view my surroundings. I find myself seeking different perspectives, constantly looking for a composition, and the camera helps me translate to others how I see the world around me. The photos have a distinct graphic quality. I tend to emphasize the geometry in nature; strong lines, contrast, shape, and texture are all prominent features in my work. Thematically, I am drawn to the power and solitude found in nature. The forces that shape our world are incredibly humbling. The focus of my current work is bringing an artistic perspective to conservation photography. If you need to get in touch, please feel free to write or call. You can also use the handy form below.

p: 614.354.2932 | | 1701 Hyland Street | Bayside, California 95524

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